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Ethereum Social is the next generation decentralized social network built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to create the largest and most trusted decentralized social network globally that makes use of its own unique cryptocurrency token; a platform where member are able to access a wide range of social benefits with every connection and interaction made.


A decentralized Network - Ethereum Social is an open source platform, not run by one person or group. It is based on the most advanced Ethereum protocol and is constantly being updated by engineers using feedbacks from users.

Limitless Value - The value of Ethereum Social is limitless as it is open to all. This means that users can create endless opportunities and engineers who strongly believe in decentralization can contribute to the platform development going forward.

Faster Transactions - Ethereum Social implements the transaction speed and physical drive system that occurs in actual purchasing. This means that users can access and enjoy web content and services on mobile and PC with no glitch.

Incentives & Compensation - Ethereum Social offers full compensation in the form of group-owned coins to Engineers and contributors through the cash-back system for all contributions made towards the development of the platform.


December, 2017

Initial mining of Ethersocial chain ( aka ESC )

February, 2018

Ethereum Social was born by a chain-upgrade

February, 2018

The Whitepaper of ETSC has been announced

March, 2018

First Web wallet integration & development of GUI Wallet

April, 2018

Migration to the new chain has been completed

April, 2018

New Business Model of ETSC has been announced

2018 Q2

3rd party integration & listing ETSC to the exchanges

2018 Q3

Development of Digital micro-payment solution for ETSC

2018 Q3

Public launch of Point-per-ETSC dapp


Announce ETSC investment fund & launch of ETSC p2p exchange


Ethereum Social


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